Your wedding day will be magical, beautiful, extraordinary…but even after months or years of planning, we can never predict what will happen on that day.  Here are a few things we recommend you keep in your wedding day emergency kit.  Prep this before the big day and have your maid of honor hold onto it tight!  With this little kit, you’ll be ready for anything and able to enjoy every second of your day!

  1. Fashion tape!

If not you, someone else will need a little help with that dress we thought fit so well in the dressing room!

  1. Snacks!

Even just a granola bar will help keep you from getting hangry!

  1. Travel deodorant

Self explanatory, especially for a summer wedding or if you plan on a long night of dancing.

  1. Flip flops or ballet flats

For when your feet just can’t take it any longer!

  1. Travel hairspray

You didn’t spend hours getting ready to have your hair falling out of place!

  1. Sunscreen

Especially if you have an outdoor wedding or reception. This may not be as much as for you as it is for your future spouse that totally didn’t think of this!

  1. Oil blotting sheets

Just like the hairspray, we do not want hours of makeup to be melted away by dinner!

  1. Advil or Tylenol

For the stress headache or inevitable achy feet!

  1. Breath mints or mouth wash

To prep for your first kiss as a married couple, or the 100 to follow throughout the night!

  1. Your favorite perfume

So you are still feeling fresh by the end of the night!

With these 10 things, you will be ready for anything on your special day!


By Elizabeth Graves