Regardless of the season you choose for your walk down the aisle, there is a perfect bloom awaiting you. Even in Michigan, with its long and cold winters, and slightly chilly springs, numerous options are available to suit your special moment, depending on the time of year you exchange your vows.


There’s no place like fall here in the Mitten. Fall colors begin to peak around late September in the U.P. and downstate. And with fall comes the backdrop of changing leaves, rich, vibrant colors, and autumn-inspired arrangements and bouquets that celebrate the best of the season here.

Mums: come to life in the fall as other summer varieties wilt and fade away. The festive, low-maintenance flowers are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They are perfect for adding a splash of color to floral arrangements for your wedding decor.
Dahlias: Available in early fall, dahlias add depth and drama to a fall wedding bouquet. Fall is the best time of year to enjoy the color explosion of the popular dahlia flower. These spectacular flowers are available in a vast array of colors, styles and sizes, and they can be cut for bouquets and centerpieces.
Strawflower: These flowers are vibrant and colorful. And because of the variety of shades on each flower, the stems are great for connecting and blending color within arrangements.
Asters: Fall isn’t limited to the traditional orange, red, and yellow colors. Purple is a gorgeous fall color too. Asters are in peak bloom during autumn in Michigan and the popular purple color adds contrast to arrangements. Asters are an extravagant addition to any fall floral wedding decor.


Michigan is one of the most beautiful and fun states to get married. After all, we have four stunning seasons, and while outsiders may perceive our snow and plunging temperatures as challenging, Michiganders recognize that winter is one of the most beautiful seasons to tie the knot in the Mitten.

The growing popularity of December and January weddings is evident from the increasing number of “save the dates” appearing in mailboxes. After all, there’s nothing like the soft backdrop of snow falling as you’re looking into the eyes of your significant other and pledging your vows. Moreover, how romantic it is to have vibrant red and deep green flowers against a snow-cloaked landscape?

Red or white roses: Brides getting married near the holidays will often choose
burgundy or red roses. A winter white wedding bouquet for the bride made up of white roses, chrysanthemums, silver Brunia, and dusty miller are also quite eloquent.
Carnations: Available year-round, carnations are versatile and can create lush and full arrangements without breaking the bank.
● Stephanotis: With their small, star-shaped, waxy white blooms and gardenia-like fragrance, stephanotis is a popular addition to bridal bouquets.
Amaryllis: Velvety red amaryllis blooms are a bold and vibrant choice for winter weddings, especially around Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

And don’t forget about mixing colorful bouquets with white flowers such as roses. Experts say white can be an accent color for a bouquet of darker-colored flowers or floral arrangements and centerpieces.


Peonies, tulips, and lilacs are popular choices for brides saying “I Do” during the spring season.

Peonies: Lush, romantic, and incredibly fragrant, peonies are the beloved wedding flowers for springtime nuptials.
Tulips: With a sweet elegance and available in an array of colors, tulips are suitable for both casual outdoor weddings and sophisticated ballroom receptions.
Lilacs: Known for their enchanting fragrance, lilacs add a touch of charm and nostalgia to springtime bouquets and centerpieces. You can’t go wrong with this classic.
Hyacinths: Hyacinths bring a burst of color and exquisite charm to your floral arrangements, making them an excellent choice for a spring wedding.


Popular flowers for summer weddings include dahlias, roses, lilies, and sunflowers. But let’s start with orchids.

Orchids: Offering grace and elegance, orchids are a stunning choice for summer weddings, with the added benefit of not wilting on warm summer nights.
Daisies and Roses: Vibrant daisies infuse energy into your bouquets, while the timeless beauty of roses adds style and allure to any arrangement.
Sunflowers: As a bright and cheerful flower, sunflowers bring a pop of color and joy to your summer floral arrangements, symbolizing the happiness of your special day. The yellow pastels are also the iconic symbol of summer.

Plan Ahead and Grow Your Own Flowers

Most weddings are planned in advance, so with that in mind, you could save a little on your wedding day expenses by growing your own flowers from your cutting garden. What better way to mark your day than with the colors from your own Michigan yard.

Embrace the beauty of all four seasons. Whether you’re exchanging vows in the colorful fall, amid the winter wonderland, during the fragrant spring, or under the sunny summer skies, there’s a perfect bloom to complement your special day.

Written by Tammy Pitts. Tammy has an extensive background in journalism, media relations, social media strategy, marketing, and brand management. She resides in Michigan with her family which includes her two sons and their Goldendoodle, Max. In her free time, she loves to read, travel, and root for the Michigan State Spartans. Go Green!