Quinceañeras – Hot New Trends to try at Southwest Michigan’s Hottest New Venue! by Jennifer Marren

The Author, Jennifer Marren, is the marketing director at Stonegate Manor, Southwest Michigan/Michiana’s premier estate venue.  With a degree in marketing from Lake Superior State University, she also is serving as a wedding/event planning intern at Stonegate.

In the past years when I’ve attended special events, one of the first things I notice is the space around me. I’ve been to indoor and outdoor gatherings and as a guest I can say the venue has a lot to do with the experience I had and the memories I still carry with me.  For many girls, their Quinceañeras is the most important event of their teenage years.


“Quinceañera(s): signifies a young girl’s transition in becoming a mature woman who is capable of independence in that she can make her own decisions and symbolizes her transition and growth into womanhood. It also plays a symbolic gesture in that it reaffirms her beliefs to her church and her personal faith. This celebration typically has a religious ceremony followed by a party and combines a blend of traditional customs with contemporary trends.” (http://www.myquincemagazine.com)


Similar to a Sweet 16, Quinceañeras are an event that represents a big step into one’s future. Some traditions that are included in this event are: a church blessing, female and male escorts that represent the previous 14 years of the girl’s life, and one of the most treasured, the first dance with her father. Some other rituals that may be included in a Quinceañera may be, presenting her with a bible or prayer book to represent prayer and religion. In other cases, the girl may be presented a tiara, to represent the “crowning” and showcases her as becoming a young woman in the eyes of her family and God.


As mentioned previously, ceremonial traditions include: having a court made up of male, female friends and family that have been a part of the girl’s life. The court will assist the girl in special dances, helping plan the event and sometimes learning about this special event. A lot of planning and coordinating goes into this event to truly showcase the young girl’s transformation to womanhood. Nonetheless, every detail and thought put into this event will help craft a special and memorable day for the lucky girl, her family and friends.


Now that 2018 is reaching over its half way point, Quinceañera.com gives us insight on the hot new trends this year:


  • Ultra Violet Tones – a mixture of shades, tones, and hues of purple can add a special touch!


  • Destination Quinceaneras – change up the scenery and add a twist to your celebration by relocating your big day – Stonegate Manor is the perfect destination for Chicago, Detroit and Michiana families!


  • Fancy Capes to Adorn your Dress – a new extension of your dress, a sure way to feel like a princess


  • Greenery & Potted Plants – adding a natural touch of color and greenery can be a nice touch to your venue- succulents are a great example to decorate your event in a new trendy way


  • VIP Celebrations – keeping your event exclusive and intimate may allow you to spend more per guest to make their experience a memory of a lifetime


  • Textured Fabrics – adding some sparkle or dressing up your tables with velvet or sequin touches


  • Transparent & White Decor – classic and elegant, white can make venue space appear larger and utilizing natural light can also make a great atmosphere to your event – Stonegate Manor is perfect for this!


  • Classy Pearls for Quince Accessories – PEARLS! My absolute favorite- they are making a comeback! A simple pearl bracelet or necklace can make a great pair with any quince dress, truly a classic


Stonegate Manor, the hottest new estate venue in Southwest Michigan and Michiana, offers the perfect combination of elegance and comfort.  Climate-controlled indoor and beautiful outdoor spaces provide wonderful backdrops for every aspect of a Quinceañera or wedding.  From casual to elegant, Stonegate Manor has the right combination for everyone!