Unplugged Weddings — Should You or Shouldn’t You?

I was at a meeting this week.  Three times during the speaker’s presentation cell phones went off, all with their distinctive (and loud) ringtones.  It took awhile for people to answer their phones so the speaker had to pause with a pasted on smile. 

It got me thinking about the many ways I’ve seen cell phones interrupt what could have been a perfect wedding.  Can you imagine the horror and embarrassment of having your cellphone blare out your favorite song just as the crucial “I Do’s” are being said?  Or while the Bride is making the grand entrance she has dreamed of since she was but a little girl?  Embarrassing for you but horrifying and devastating for the couple.

Inevitably someone forgets to turn their cell phone off.  Not everyone is as disciplines as “we” are.  Ha!  So, I think it’s a great idea for some gentle, if not firm, reminders from the couple whose day you are there to celebrate, not interrupt.

It gets a bit tricky when you consider #hashtags and geofilters for the wedding itself.  For some couples, that’s important.  However, I’ve seen a lot of images taken by professional photographers where someone with a cell phone has unexpectedly popped into the frame to take their own picture.  Or a selfie.

So what is a couple to do?  I think if it were my wedding, I would definitely insist on a unplugged, battery free wedding and take my chances with the reception!

But to help you with YOUR decision, here are some sights for the experts, including Martha Stewart, of course, and some fun ways to enforce your decision to be all or partially unplugged.

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And for some great suggestions on to get the message across:

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Photo Credit:  Oh-Snap sign – Patrioticlovers/Instagram; Please turn off cell phones sign – Bokeh Amore Photography