2018 Floral Wedding Trends

This week we’re talking flowers – a favorite around Stonegate.

Our three outdoor ceremony sites are all gorgeously landscaped, making for stunning backdrops. Each ceremony at Stonegate is different and we love to see how each couple puts their own unique touch into their ceremonies. Flower choices and floral decorations being one of the major things that set each wedding apart and make the already natural, green surroundings pop with color and romance.

WeddingWire names the following as the top wedding floral trends of 2018:

  1. Apricot Orange and Butter Yellow


As seen here in The Fairy Garden, photo credit: Kitty Lee Photography

This floral color pallet brings a soft, romantic feel to any ceremony.

      2. Wreaths and Hoops

Photo credit: Luxe Events Productions

Wreaths and hoops are a great way to bring another texture and dimension to your wedding decorations. Greenery such as eucalyptus leaves are commonly used to create this look. 

    3. Moss Details

Seen here in the Riverside Room during a styled shoot by Wedding Day Online, full blog post with additional pictures here.

Moss is a fun, creative way to incorporate Mother Nature into your special day while keeping a neutral color pallet. It can be used in centerpieces, as a natural backdrop or to create a unique welcome sign.

     4. Anthuriums


Photo credit: Terra Malia Designs

These statement pieces can be added to a bouquet or centerpiece and fit right in with the Bohemian wedding trend of 2018.  

    5. Moody Hues


Seen here in a styled shoot by Hey Sisters! Photography 

Dark or moody hued flower arrangements will make your fall or winter wedding pop with color and bring a dark, romantic feel. We love this color pallet because it looks beautiful in the classic Manor House on the estate. 

    6. Foraged Flowers


 Seen here in a styled shoot by Wedding Day Online

Wedding Wire says foraged flowers are taking last years greenery trend to the next level – and we agree. Foraged bouquets or arrangements bring a whimsical feeling to your ceremony and incorporate natural looking flowers and greenery that don’t look like they came from a florist.

    7. Mandalas


Photo credit: Erica Melissa 

These statement arrangements are a couple’s way of bringing good energy and textural patterns to their ceremony and create an experience for their guests. They are created from individual flower petals placed into a pattern. 


Which trend are you most excited to see this year? Comment below.

We can’t wait to see which trends our couples choose to weave into their weddings at Stonegate. 

Read the full Wedding Wire article here