Top 5 Reasons to Hire a "Month-of" Coordinator

You’re engaged! A very exciting time for you and your fiancé! All the exciting details you’ve dreamt of are now becoming your life. Looking aimlessly at Pinterest boards, asking questions at 1am on Facebook wedding groups... and everyone is buying you wedding magazines. When it comes down to the finishing touches of your big day, however, you may want some help. Some couples may want to consider hiring a “Month/Day of Coordinator”. And for some, this person can be a key component of making their dream wedding come true.

 So, what exactly does a “Month of Coordinator” do? This person wears many hats. A “month of coordinator” will assist you in the weeks leading up to your wedding. They serve as a liaison between you and your vendors to assist in any lingering details prior to your big day.

5 Reasons to Hire a Month of Coordinator

1. TIME!

The one thing we all can’t get enough of. I wish we all had a ‘Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo’ wand, but unfortunately that just isn’t the case. You are working 40+ hours a week, juggling work, time with friends and family, cleaning, shopping... I could go on and on. And oh, yes you are trying to find time to put all the remaining pieces together AND stay excited about your big day?! Hiring a coordinator can be just the fairy-godmother/father you need! They are there when you need them! We take over right before everything starts to become a little overwhelming and smooth out the finishing touches. That way you and your partner can enjoy what you have been waiting for!

2.  Stress

We are here for you! Working with vendors is a part of our job! Vendors would much rather be calling a planner/coordinator to finalize things than having to bug you leading up to your wedding day. You’ve spent all this time planning with your partner, you should be able to enjoy the process. You do not want to be working on your wedding day. Coordinators can help ease any stress going into the final days of your event. Our job is to help you!


3. Communication

Did we pay for that already? What time is the florist arriving? Did you want to add a late-night snack? The questions can be overwhelming and stressful. Coordinators help smooth out the communication between you and your vendors. And from experience I cannot say how many times I’ve heard couples say, “Oh my gosh I didn't think about that” or “That is a great question, I never asked my caterer”.  We help iron out these details and make sure key elements are not missed. Helping nail down details such as arrival times can help avoid dinner to be served an hour and a half later than planned.


4. Details, Details, Details

As mentioned in the previous point, we want you to sit back and relax. One thing I love to ask every couple is, “what are the most important elements of your wedding?”. I then make sure when I am coordinating their wedding that aspect is highlighted and something for them to really enjoy on their special day. Having that extra pair of hands to make sure the centerpieces are just right, making sure the correct song is to be played for the first dance or allowing the couple to take some time to enjoy their photo booth they had been dying to use.


5.  Smooth sailing

Finally, we are here for YOU. The reason you came to us is so you could enjoy your wedding day with all the special people in your life. We are there to make sure everything is going on as smoothly as possible that way the day you dreamed of is coming true. You don’t want to be worrying about leaving your purse behind at the venue or forgetting to call the transportation service to arrive at the correct time. And that is why we make sure you can sit back and relax on your wedding day.

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The author, Jennifer Marren is Stonegate Manor’s onsite wedding coordinator and marketing director. Stonegate Manor is Southwest Michigan’s Premier Estate Wedding Venue located just minutes from the beaches of Lake Michigan. She has wanted to be a wedding planner ever since she was a little girl, and now she is able to serve couples across Southwest Michigan.

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