Pinterest’s 2019 Trend Report Is Here to Help!

Whether you are getting married this year or next year, you’ve probably seen lots of donut walls, dramatic exits, sparkler send offs anyone? And LOTS of florals! This month’s blog we wanted to cover some of the trends Pinterest has highlighted for the 2019 season. So, if you’re searching for a little extra something or are looking for some inspiration let’s look at what Pinterest’s 2019 trend report included!

Décor Trends

Simple or extravagant, there’s always a little something you may want to add into your wedding décor to make it yours! As I mentioned, doughnut walls are currently a HUGE hit. And won’t be going anywhere. So, if you are planning to ditch the traditional wedding cake or are looking for something fun, unique and even cheaper- a doughnut wall may be the way to go! (I am not dissing on choosing cake as a dessert, I LOVE cake…well I just love about every dessert in general…) 😊

Capture and Hold Photography

Capture and Hold Photography

Next up on the list, hanging floral garlands! You may have seen floral garland trends on reception tables at a wedding, and these can make great alternatives for centerpieces if you are planning to use this for a banquet table. Another great way to use floral garlands is on a ceremony arch or for a photo booth background! We have found that The Pergola here at Stonegate is beautiful as a ceremony site, but also a cocktail hour area. One of my suggestions to couples and even my clients here at Stonegate is if they are not getting married in The Fairy Garden is to still utilize the other space here at the venue. As I mentioned, The Pergola has become a great spot for cocktail hour. So, if your venue has a great extra space, throw some couches inside and put up some floral garlands in the background and you’ve got yourself a beautiful cocktail hour spot and photo booth for you and your guests to enjoy. 😊

Michael Koch Photography

Michael Koch Photography

Beauty Trends

Are there gel manicure fans out there?? I live for getting a fresh new set of nails and feeling like a complete boss babe with freshly done nails. However, when taking them off I am left with sad little damaged nub nails. Who’s with me? Let me educate you on dip manicures! I personally have not had one yet, but my best friend raves about them! These manicures are supposed to be chip resistant AND last longer than a regular gel manicure, and one of the biggest differences is there is no UV/LED light used to dry the nails. Some articles I have read even mentioned they could last up to a month! Say no more. But, while they may be saving you a trip back to the nail salon you will be spending a little more $$ on this type manicure vs. a regular manicure.

Another awesome nail hack I just learned of is Color Street! After one of our events earlier this month, I was impressed by this product! When it comes to painting my own nails I absolutely cringe, which is why I result to going to the salon. However, if you’re trying to save some money and need a quick fix these are amazing!

 So, what is Color Street? It is base, color, and top coats of high quality, 100% real nail polish in each strip. Easy one step application and long lasting- up to 14 days! Virtually no drying time, no mess, no fumes, no smudges/streaks/linen marks! And, easily removes with regular nail polish remover! Thank you so much Cindy for the amazing info! To learn more about dip manicures or Color Street please visit:

Dip Powder Nail Guide

Dip Powder Manicures

Color Street- Cindy Vidt

Are you looking for a bold lip for your wedding day? You can never go wrong with a classic bold red lipstick! And I just so happen to come across this article that discusses what types of red lipsticks work best for your special day.

Click me for more info on red lipsticks for your wedding day!

Food and Drink Trends

This is probably my favorite topic. Because I am a true foodie at heart. This past summer we saw multiple family style grazing tables. This seems to be the norm for cocktail hour, but now people are using the main course as a family style spread and even for late night snack! There is a push towards more of a relaxed and social aspect this serving style brings. Grazing tables are a really becoming a work of art, with colorful food combinations and creative ways to display the food. Talk with your caterer on ideas or ways to implement this into your reception to give your wedding a unique touch!

And I think it’s no secret, that the late night snack is here to stay. Sliders, tacos and pizza (I could go on and on) are a great treat for guests after they’ve been dancing and celebrating with you!

Catering company: Kangaroo Kitchen

Catering company: Kangaroo Kitchen

Women’s Fashion Trends

SNEAKERS.  Yes, finally! I am so excited about this. If you’re looking to be comfortable or just like to go outside the traditional wedding shoes, the wait is over. Sneakers are in! And even better, designers are coming out with adorable sparkly sneakers to wear for your wedding day.

Another big trend coming in 2019 are gold gowns, if you are looking to change things up, check out gold wedding gowns.

Men’s Fashion Trends

If you are to add a little something to your style, you can never go wrong with a vintage watch. Fall or winter wedding? No problem, scarfs, corduroy suits and plaid pants and even mixed pants! And how about that blush sport coat?

And that my friends wraps up some of the 2019 Pinterest Trends that you can use as inspiration for your wedding. If you are anxious to learn more about these trends or how to implement them check out any of these websites:

Anji Monique Photography

Anji Monique Photography

Brittany Allen Photography

Brittany Allen Photography

 Photography by Anji Monique Photography with

The author, Jennifer Marren is Stonegate Manor’s certified wedding coordinator and marketing director. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in marketing from Lake Superior State University, she decided to jump into the wedding planning industry to chase after her lifelong dream of being a wedding planner.