Elegant but Inexpensive Table Décor for your Wedding Part 3: Edible Centerpieces

Part 3: Edible Centerpieces

By Prudy Barrett Nelson, the Wedding Fairy God-Mother

I think I must have been hungry when I was taking pictures for Part 2 of this series. We had purchased some sweet stuff for an event. I normally try not to keep that stuff around as…well you know what happens to it…then I have to dig into my fat clothes box.


But it got me thinking…what if dessert was the centerpiece? Or, wouldn’t it be fun if guests could nibble on the centerpiece while they were waiting for their food? Or while they were having after dinner drinks & dancing? Couldn’t you kill two birds with one stone? Anyway, I started experimenting with colors, textures, heights and shapes. I only had what was on hand so my creativity was limited but I think you will get the drift. And I have lots of ideas…


Mini Candy Buffets - Since this was pretty spontaneous, I used the pieces I collected and used in Parts 1 and 2 of this blog. I think they are so bright and beautiful! Of course, you need to be creative…think nuts, Bridge mix, candy corn, chocolate covered anything… Combine those with different sized, shaped and colored containers. Get a glue gun and some foam balls, or just use some straight pins and tack different wrapped candies on it…stick it on a stick, put in a flower pot, add some greenery and voila, you’ve got a candy flower!

I still had those old records and was determined to use them. There has to be something fun that can be done with them! Well, maybe this wasn’t my best attempt but it does have a certain appeal….


Dessert Centerpieces - Thinking more about desserts, I remembered a beautiful wedding a few years ago for which I supplied the vintage china and other table settings. They purchased a small cake (~8”) for each table. They were displayed on different beautiful stands. Each one was decorated differently and I believe there were a variety of flavors and fillings. They had some votives around but essentially the cakes were the table décor, along with my vintage china. It was absolutely beautiful!!! And so elegant looking. I wish I had saved the pictures. After dinner, the servers collected the cakes and they were served, offering guests a large variety to choose from. It was a perfect example of “repurposing” AND killing two birds with one stone!


I didn’t have any cakes but I had some cupcakes from the event so I thought I would experiment with what could be done with those. My next blog, “Inexpensive Dessert Table Décor” will be about creating a beautiful dessert table with items you can get at rummage/estate sales and resale shops. Any of those pieces could be used as a centerpiece. Here is a sneak peek at one of the pics. I made this from the base of an old bedside lamp and a large vintage plate. Wouldn’t this look stunning with a variety of cupcakes the table guests could enjoy family style?!?


And, of course, bound and determined to find a use for it, I dragged out that old record again, turned it into a stand using a candle stick as a base and came up with this. I know, I’m not there yet!

Jen, our wedding coordinator, suggested making a bouquet of cupcakes. We thought it would be truly beautiful if we had a few more cupcakes to fill in. But tragedy struck as one by one, the frosting melted and slipped off, plopping onto the table.

By this time, I was on a sugar high and going strong…on my way home, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for some Munchkins. But the colors were dull so I stopped at the store to find something I could spice it up with. I was thinking big gum drops, orange circus peanuts, anything that could be skewered. I even looked for things that could be secured by sticking them between bent tines of old forks. No luck but I’m going to keep on thinking and looking. However, as could be predicted, I did come home with a big bag full of different candies.😊

Here are the results of those efforts. The “donut hole flower” didn’t thrill me but I do think these are some additional delicious ideas for mini candy buffet centerpieces.


Switching Gears…. I was at a wedding where the centerpieces weren’t edible but were food related. I thought they were so stunning! Gold sprayed pineapples!


I wish I’d taken more pictures. Many had the tops cut off and enough of the pulp removed to fit a small container to hold a flower or two. The gold painted tops were then used in conjunction with other sparkly gold things, greens and flowers to decorate the buffet and other tables.

That’s enough for today. If you have any other ideas I should have added to this blog and can share another time, please email me: prudy@stonegatemanorevents.com. Plus, keep an eye out for my next blog, “Inexpensive Dessert Table Décor” featuring beautiful display pieces you can make from resale items

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Prudy Barrett Nelson has been the “Wedding Fairy Godmother” to countless couples who have been married at Stonegate Manor, Southwest Michigan’s historic estate wedding venue.  Located just outside St. Joseph, Michigan and less than 10 minutes from beautiful Lake Michigan beaches, Stonegate Manor combines classic elegance and country charm with the vintage touches that Prudy loves.  She recharges her magic wand in Baroda where she lives with her husband, Tom, and their two bewitching Havaneses.