So, you’re trying to pick your wedding colors…

Over the past few blogs we’ve discussed trends, wedding décor, centerpieces and more, but there is one step that helps it all come together -- picking your wedding colors! With an infinite number of colors (and new colors or shades seemingly being introduced every year!), it can be difficult to decide. As soon as you have booked your venue, all the other pieces start to fly at you just because there are so many decisions to make--many of which are related to your wedding colors! Let’s discuss some details and tips to guide you on nailing down these important selections.

Consider your surroundings-the venue

Katy O’Dell Photography

Katy O’Dell Photography

Take a look at our earlier blog about selecting your dream venue.  Chances are that even if you haven’t yet picked a theme, you at least will have preferences about getting married inside or outside.  That decision narrows your venue choices.  After selecting your venue,  you can start to develop your theme then begin to decide on your colors. Use the space around you to get inspired! Are you loving the outdoors and want to use Earthy tones or even jewel tones? Or would you rather go with something vibrant? Really look at the environment within your venue. The spaces themselves will help you decide what elements you may want to highlight. One thing I LOVE about our Fairy Garden ceremony site is that it is truly a blank slate. We’ve had anything ranging from tie-dye to dusty pinks, greens and Earthy tones.  All the different types of colors have turned out drop-dead gorgeous.

Tis’ The Wedding Season

When it comes to “wedding season” most people think May through August, but actually people are getting married every day of the year -- wedding season is all year long! So when considering colors, consider the season of your wedding. Think of light hues for Spring, bright vibrant colors for Summer, dark jewel tone colors for Fall and even a mix of some subtle colors for Winter.

But, don’t feel like you need to cut out your favorite colors just because of the season you are getting married in.  After all, it is YOUR wedding! You are the person who ultimately decides what colors will be used!


Whether you love or hate trends, they will still always be there! And although you don’t HAVE to incorporate them into your wedding, they are great to use as a resource. They can give you inspiration on color palettes or how to use accent colors. Or they can help you eliminate color palettes you thought about but weren’t sure how to incorporate.

This summer we have seen a lot of navy blue, with blush and dusty rose colors, a beautiful color combo for an intimate and romantic wedding feel!

Color expert Pantone Company has deemed Living Coral as the “color of the year.”  You  might incorporate it in your wedding colors for a summer wedding! Coral is bright, rich and fun, and can also go great with lighter pinks, a rich green or even a grey or light blue.

Another popular color palette we have been seeing is a combination of light pastel, or dusty blue colors with touches of either dusty pink, light grey and even some silver! Great for a beach wedding!

Pick something you love!

As I mentioned previously, at the end of the day it is your wedding, so pick something you love and something that will make you happy!  Use one color or multiple variations -- it’s perfectly fine. Your wedding represents who you are as a couple and should be a celebration of what brought you and your partner together. So, pick something both you and your partner love, and have fun!

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