Top tips from Southwest Michigan’s Wedding Fairy-Godmother! Mondays at The Manor-Episode 2

For our second segment of Mondays at The Manor, we decided to host our very own Prudy Barrett Nelson! (Read about how her and her husband Tom created what Stonegate is today, here Our Story .)

From establishing your budget to deciding what the key elements of your wedding may be, Prudy tells us her top wedding tips!

Here’s a breakdown of some of the key tips discussed:

  • Think about if you and your partner want to have a wedding! Many times, people lost sight of the main goal, which is to be married, so really think and discuss together as a couple if you want to have a wedding.

  • Do you want to have the wedding on the same day? You can totally split the events up! You can have a small intimate wedding and then a big party another day!

  • Discuss the nonnegotiables, what do you really want to have at your wedding? Are there things you really want or can’t imagine your special day without?

  • Create a budget! It is so easy to add on things here and there, but really think about the key things you want to spend the most amount on and make those your priority or higher dollar amount items.

To hear all the tips and learn a little bit more about Stonegate Manor, be sure to watch the video below!

Prudy Barrett Nelson_1.jpg

Prudy Barrett Nelson has been helping make weddings beautiful for years.  Known as the Wedding Fairy-Godmother, she delights in helping couples at Stonegate Manor, Southwest Michigan’s Premier Estate Wedding venue, avoid as many potholes and bumps in the road as they complete the journey to their perfect wedding.