Sweet advice from Northern Indiana's and Southwest Michigan's top bakery! Mondays at The Manor- Episode 8

Episode number eight of Mondays at The Manor is a sweet one! C’est La Vie from South Bend, Indiana is one of the area’s top bakeries! With just opening their physical store and being in the wedding cake business for 10 years, they are doing great! I sat down with Courtney, owner of C’est La Vie to learn a little more about when they decided to open their own business and what are some of the sweetest trends in wedding desserts!

Here is what we discussed in this episode of Mondays at The Manor:

·         Top wedding cake flavors at C’est La Vie

·         How to select your wedding cake

·         What to think about before your consultation

·         Wedding dessert trends

·         Dessert tables! YUM!

Are you craving sweets yet? Be sure to watch this episode!

If you would like to learn more about C’est La Vie or book a consultation, please visit: http://southbendweddingcakes.com/index.html