Tips from a professional photographer on your wedding day photos plans! Mondays at The Manor- Episode 7

Episode number seven of Mondays a The Manor! We sat down with Kitty Lee from Kitty Lee Photography to go over some tips when taking your wedding day photos and popular photos to take.

With over six years of professional photography experience, Kitty was able to combine her love of art and photography to create her business.

Kitty discusses some things you may want to have in preparation for your wedding if it rains. Also, we talk about some of the most unique wedding party photos and more!

Here is what we discussed in this episode of Mondays at The Manor:

·         Most common bridal party photos

·         Rain? What you should get before your wedding and have just in case

·         Trust your photographer! After all, they are your best friend for the day

·         RELAX! Let the wedding professionals take over, you are supposed to enjoy this day.

·         When to book your photographer

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