As nomads of the earth, we may be tied to certain places, but our souls are free to wander. Love is the ultimate promise, and when we exchange vows, a bohemian wedding becomes a celebration of art and romance. With bursts of color and a natural, wild backdrop, these weddings are a whimsical expression of togetherness. From the wildflowers scattered across the landscape to the enchanting melodies of guitars, boho weddings capture the spirit of devotion and joy.

This article will address the expression of the bohemian spirit in weddings and how to convey the state of bohemia in décor, theme, and dresses.


The Philosophy of Bohemian Weddings

Boho stands for all things that are fine, natural, and pure. When a bride chooses to host a bohemian wedding, she celebrates mother earth, love, fertility, and the wilderness. From vibrant colors to kindred spirits, antiquity is key.

A bohemian wedding is all about showcasing different textures and patterns to create an ethereal ambiance that expresses one’s self and artistry in human interaction. The idea behind a bohemian wedding is to break away from tradition and embrace the beauty that comes in all shapes and forms. Colors can paint the scene, and handmade objects can express the delicacy of love. If a bride wants to host a bohemian wedding, she needs to know where to start on her journey of the exotic.

Bohemian style is the perfect choice for couples who deeply appreciate life and want to host a wedding of wonder and mystery. A bride can showcase this essence through her save-the-dates, unique wedding dress and enchanting décor. It’s an ideal fit for couples confident enough to stand out, experiment, and experience life to the fullest.


Going Bohemian with Your Wedding Invitations and Stationery

When a bride selects the wedding invitations, she sends out more than a mere card; she puts the aesthetic of the big day in words and paper. The print can be accustomed to the location; whether in the vast dunes and grainy sands or somewhere on the peak of a high mountain, the overall color can be inspired by the landscape in which the wedding is held.

A bride can also pick different shapes of envelopes that might add a certain staple to the theme of the wedding. Here are some styles to consider for your wedding:

  • Envelope liners: An envelope lining sets the tone for a bride’s boho sense. The texture or pattern of the lining should match the theme of the wedding or a color palette that matches the hues of the location.
  • Use a single color: While it may seem too classic to use one color, you can toy around with it and create a gradient from the color palette of your wedding.
  • Creative deckled edges: Truly outstanding, a deckled edge is an uneven cut of the edges of the card. It adds a certain rustic feel that inspires nature and bohemia. It could be handmade, and then you can slightly burn the edges of the card to give it that extra boho effect.


Bohemian Wedding Floral Arrangements and Alternative Ideas to Flowers

While traditional weddings hold the typical lilies, white roses, or ranunculus, a bohemian wedding deserves a unique exotic flower setting. Brides can mix and match. An example is the famous Van Gogh’s “Sunflower” which could be matched with exotic white, pink, purple, or yellow orchids. Another choice could be a ginger flower that holds a variety of color hues depending on its blooming level. A bride can play with her choice of greenery leaves that suggest a certain peculiarity to the bouquets.


The Bohemian Bride: Choosing the Perfect Dress and Accessories

For a lovely bohemian look, a bride picks an adorable dress that signifies wild. Metaphysical and boundless, a bohemian bride appears in a flowy, long, gorgeous dress. We recommend fabrics that imply allure, such as transparent chiffon, soft soothing silk, or a bridal floral unique lace dress.

A dress can be fashioned with stunning embroidery, symbolizing a certain cultural aspect. As for accessories, a bride can accentuate the bohemian look with earrings with gemstones like quartz, amethyst, or moonstone. Or crystals that sync with chakras to harbor nature’s strength.

But most important are perfect pair of eyeglasses that pull the look together. As bohemian weddings are often characterized by their free-spirited and non-traditional vibe, with natural elements and bright, bold colors, quirky and flamboyant eyeglass frames can be a good way to add some personal style and flair to the overall look. Brides can match the color of the dress or completely contrast it. The frames can be subtle with a white hint, a metallic hue, or a bold color of the bride’s choice.

Eyeglasses should complement the look without overpowering it, so the key to choosing the right eyeglasses for a bohemian wedding is to embrace bride’s  individuality and have fun with style choices experimenting with different colors, shapes, and materials until  finding the perfect frames to complete the  look.

It’s also a good idea to consider the practical aspects of the eyewear, such as whether the bride needs prescription lenses or sunglasses if the wedding is outdoors.


Using Vintage and Handmade Decor and Playing with Textures and Colors

The set is complete once the surroundings are in order. The wedding altar is where the betrothed couple stands to exchange vows and start their household. A couple should consider a bohemian archway garnished with seasonal flowers to express the nomad living spirit.

Here are some types of arches: A handmade wooden arch carved with special shapes that have distinct meanings or a pampas wedding arch designed with flowers and feathers. Or underneath a square arch fashioned with sheer linens that flow beautifully with hues of nature’s finest. Lastly, you can deck the aisle with an ethnic carpet. When selecting such carpets, remember that each pattern symbolizes deep meaning; brides can have it handmade or purchase carpets from exotic destinations such as Armenia, Iran, Africa, or elsewhere.


The Ideal Bohemian Wedding Tablescapes

Naturally, the table design’s focal point highlights the dining area’s overall temperament and romanticism. When guests are seated, they’ll be curious about the bride’s choice. We recommend incorporating earth tones such as a color palette that can set the ambiance subtly and inspire coziness—a beige tone, perhaps a dark maroon, and a muted yellow.

Add a surprising twist, and instead of the usual silverware, brides can use a brass silverware set to add a rustic feeling to a wooden table clothed in dark linens. Doing so will surely create a romantic feel that is out worldly when accompanied by dangling string lights.

As for glassware, think of adding an unusual flare with colored glassware. Whichever a bride decides on, we advise that she starts with a basic color palette and then sporadically implements it throughout the décor in a non-matchy-matchy way. The colors can be dashed in items like vases, flower arrangements, and dried flower petals spread over the tablecloth and surely colored candles.

Lastly, a bride should always be true to herself and honor her beauty and truth. A bohemian wedding is as close to the philosophy behind bohemia. So, ensure that your invitations have a hint of originality, whether the color or shape. Let nature inspire you and style your décor with elements of the garden. Ensure the wedding dress is paired beautifully with the right accessories; lovely gemstones, crystals, and, most importantly, stylish eyeglasses.


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By: Isabelle Marinier