Wedding Coordination is more important than many people realize. We want to share several of the most important reasons why we encourage couples to hire a wedding coordinator for their big day!


#1 – Your plan but they handle the final details…


First, couples who want to handle most of the wedding planning themselves but would love someone to pull it all together on the day of their wedding should strongly consider a wedding coordinator. Let your coordinator jump in after all your vendors have been booked. The coordinator will be the main contact for your vendors and the venue. The wedding coordinator will work with you on your wedding timeline and share this with all vendors. Your coordinator may also create your floor plan and work with vendors in creating a space best for you and your guests. Managing the decorations you planned for the day is another important job to consider hiring a wedding coordinator for.


#2 – Make things run smoothly….


Second, you want to relax, enjoy your day and be present in the moment. You’re likely nervous the day of your wedding. Let your wedding coordinator take some of the stress away. They will be the timekeeper, assist your photographer with family and friends’ pictures and pull together the finer details for your wedding, such as lighting all those tea lights or taking the flowers from your ceremony arch and placing them on your reception head table. Trust your wedding coordinator to follow the timeline for the day’s events and to professionally carry out those little details.


#3 – Won’t blow the budget…


Third, you are working within a budget and coordination is more budget friendly than say a wedding planner. Coordinators typically start pulling together all the details four to six weeks before your wedding day (maybe even earlier). Share with your wedding coordinator the services you hired from each vendor. You want your coordinator to execute your vision that you planned and dreamed of for so long.


#4 – Relax, things are under control…


Lastly, you want an increased level of organization for your wedding. Your coordinator is the main point of contact, your liaison. They know your wedding vision and will make sure all the little and not so little details are taken care of. Have confidence in your coordinator to have worked out any kinks with your vendors and the venue. Your coordinator should have all the answers to ensure a smooth, stress-free wedding day!


The wedding coordinator does this and so much more behind the scenes to make sure you have the best day of your life! Just knowing you have someone to oversee, supervise and manage your wedding day is worth all their weight in gold.



The author, Alison Russell, is a WPIC Certified Coordinator for Stonegate Manor & Gardens. She has guided many couples down the ceremony aisle and onto the dance floor. Helping her clients and overseeing their wedding has been pure enjoyment.