Expressing how you feel to your future spouse during one of the biggest events in your life can be very intimidating. It can be easy to procrastinate such a big task. You want your vows to have deep meaning, you want them to be personal, intimate, and something your future spouse will never forget. To help you with this important challenge, we’ve come up with ten tips on how to not only enjoy the process of writing your vows, but also ensure your loved one will never forget them.

1. Your Vows Should be Your Top Priority

Don’t procrastinate! If you decided on writing your own vows, commit to it! You don’t have to devote days and days to make them perfect, but it will take some time to write out all of the feelings you have in your heart for your one and only. Set aside some alone time where you can really reflect on your gratitude and love for the person you are about to marry.

2. Disregard Your Audience

Share this special moment between you and your spouse. You’ve been waiting months for this magical moment – don’t hold back or cut your thoughts short based on what your audience may think. Speak straight from your heart and enjoy every word. You have prewritten your vows so they come straight from your heart, nervousness, and stage fright put aside, you’ve prepared your vows with your partner in mind only.

3. Write it Out!

Yes, it’s okay to read your vows from notecards on your wedding day. This day is full of excitement, nervousness, and craziness! You are going to take the time to write beautiful, meaningful vows so you want to make sure your spouse hears them! Even if you have tear-stained cheeks and sweaty palms, with your notecards in your hand, you won’t forget a word!

4. Don’t be afraid to steal some ideas

If you have never felt like a gifted writer, don’t hesitate to search for ideas! Use your favorite book or poem for inspiration or use a quote straight from the them to spice up your vows! Talk with family and friends to get more meaningful ideas. Of course, we can’t forget about the endless possibilities from the Internet! A quick search gives you millions of vow outlines, guides, and templates to make your promises perfect and unforgettable!

5. Look Back on Your Favorite Moments

Take your spouse on a journey with your vows. Remind them of where you started together, what amazing things you accomplished together, the obstacles you faced along the way, and remind them of how much you’ve grown together through it all.

6. Incorporate Your Families

With your marriage, you are joining two families into one. This is such a special event in all of your lives and inviting a family member to be a part of your vows would make them even more meaningful. If there is someone in your family that means the world to your spouse, involve them to show that your family is becoming bigger and stronger.

7. Lay out Your Promises

The most important thing to do in your vows is to talk about the future and what this marriage means for the both of you as you move forward in life. Now is the perfect time to not only tell your spouse how much you love them and want to be with them but also layout for them what you will do with them and for them in the future. Let them know how you will continue to cherish and honor them every day. Promise to help with the laundry or always pick up ice cream at the grocery store. Promise to love them forever and appreciate them every day. Big or small promises, will mean the world on your wedding day.

8. Get Creative

There are many ways to share your vows with your loved one. Of course, you could always sing your vows, play an instrument along to them, or perform a dance along with them, but for those who do not believe themselves to be musically inclined, there are many creative ways to present your vows on your wedding day. You could write letters to each other, create a piece of artwork, incorporate a favorite quote or passage, involve family members.

9. Make Them Laugh

Even if no one in the room besides your spouse gets the joke, it will still be meaningful to the two of you! Marriage is not something to be taken lightly, but everyone can use a laugh when standing in front of all their closest friends and family!

10. Brag About Your Partner

Explain to everyone why you love them so much and specifically what you love about them! You believe in them and admire them, so let everyone especially your spouse know! There’s truly no better time to talk them up.

Written by Elizabeth Graves, Marketing Manager