A wedding guest book is the perfect thing to keep track of all the loved ones who attended your special day. Unfortunately, after a few months, the guest book may make its way to the book shelf, starting to collect dust. How can you avoid all the wonderful memories with loved ones being out of sight and out of mind? Here are some creative alternatives to display the names of your most cherished family and friends.

All guest book alternatives will be especially meaningful if they incorporate something special between each couple.

One way to do this is to have guests simply sign an object that can be displayed in your future home. A guitar, flower pot, a bench, college pennant, a rock from one of your favorite places, surfboard, or records are just a few ideas!

For really creative couples, guests can create a piece of art your future home! A canvas of guest’s thumbprints would be fun and interactive for guests! Small pieces of paper and watercolor paints could be provided to make a quilt-like painting to hang on the wall! Guests would also love to sign a puzzle piece and add their piece to complete the whole, symbolizing the union of two families. Framing the puzzle to hang would look adorable in a first home!

Lastly, here are a few ideas that will involve your guests and let their creativity and love for the couple shine!

A simple jar and pieces of paper could be left for guests to write a sweet note to the bride and groom. Favorite memories, well wishes, and even date night ideas could be written to the couple to look at after the wedding. Imagine the amazing feeling you and your spouse would get reading the messages after your big day! Another guest book alternative is to have guests take their own photos and make a display or photo album for you! Set a polaroid camera out for guests to snap a picture of themselves, write a note on the back, and put into a photo album or hang on a display! Seeing their smiling faces from that day will give you many more memories than their signature ever could!!

As you continue to hunt for the perfect guestbook, keep these alternatives in mind! Not only will your guests love creating and being a part of it, but you will be able to admire it forever!

A Few More Ideas:

  • Signed rocks collected from meaningful places to the couple

  • Polaroids taken can create a book, a photo album, or to be hung with clothes pins

  • Supply paper and watercolors for guests to paint a picture or their name

  • A message jar, to share a favorite memory with bride and groom, or fun date ideas

  • Heart puzzle – everyone writes their name on a piece to be framed

  • Sign something meaningful to the bride and groom

    • Guitar, flower pot, college banner/pennant, surfboard, bench, records, 

  • Stamp your thumb in paint to create a picture

  • Sign a postcard from a meaningful place to put them each in a photo album

  • Fill out a calendar with birthdays or anniversaries

  • Have guests sign a champagne or wine bottle

Blog written by: Elizabeth Graves

Marketing Manager of Stonegate Manor & Gardens & Gardens