We all know the age-old superstition about seeing your future spouse before the ceremony on your big day. However, this post may convince you to go against all of the old traditions!

A first look is a special moment between you and your future partner before the ceremony begins. Months and months of planning, hours of preparation the day of, and you are finally ready to see your future bride or groom on your wedding day.

Sharing that special moment between just the two of you may be the most intimate and private time you get with each other all day. A huge reason why many couples are doing their first look in private is to share an unforgettable moment between just the two of you and let it be as genuine as possible.

With 100 – 300 guests staring at you, awaiting your reaction, it can be hard to fully take in the moment you have waited so long for. Not to mention you may be feeling jittery or nervous with all eyes on you!

A private first look between you and your partner lets the nerves and stress melt away and allows you to let your emotions flow!

You and your partner deserve this special moment together, just the two of you, before your day begins. And yes, this means no ugly crying as you walk down the aisle!

First looks aren’t just for the the wedding couple!

Lots of brides have chosen to make sure they capture their parents first look seeing their child all dressed for their wedding! Some brides will even make sure to get her bridesmaids reaction to seeing their best friend in their wedding dress.

Lastly, a first look provides the perfect photo opportunity!

Setting up a first look in a beautiful spot will give your photographer stunning pictures of you and your partner on your wedding day. These photos will be cherished forever because they will show the real, true emotions and reactions you have to your partner on the day you were married. There will be no people in the way of the perfect picture and there will be no chance that your photographer will miss the special moment. You can also take this time to complete all photos of just you and your partner to save time in between the ceremony and reception!

The first look you see of your loved one on your wedding day is an unforgettable moment that can pass so quickly!

Take as long as you can to draw out this precious time before your wedding day craziness begins.

Your first intimate moment on your wedding day, a relaxed and private setting, and an amazing photo opportunity. A first look for you and your future spouse is the perfect way to start your wedding day!

Written by Elizabeth Graves, Marketing Manager at Stonegate Manor & Gardens & Gardens