It has been a rather warm summer in Southwest Michigan.  I say that in a sort of cheeky way, because should there have been the large summer weddings that were planned at Stonegate Manor & Gardens, I know many guests, myself included, would be so thankful for the Riverside Reception room Air Conditioning!  Unfortunately, summer heat was not enough of a mitigator to slow the rapid spread of Covid-19.  Many of us couldn’t predict we would still be social distancing and wearing masks at this point in the year.  Yet here we are, on the cusp of fall, and the Covid-19 virus continues to effectively rule out all sizeable gatherings.

It’s important to remember that while planning a petite wedding you should still include all the traditions you have always dreamed of.  You can still sneak away for a first look and wear the something blue, old and new.  Having fewer guests allows for a much more intimate day, and you will be able to create a relaxing and enjoyable environment for everyone at your wedding.

Smaller weddings are easier to personalize and manage.  The details are what make your wedding unique to you.  You can still choose your favorite linen color, upgraded rentals, and customized wedding favors.  Make the most of your limited reception time by offering outdoor fun for guests to enjoy like lawn games such as giant Jenga or cornhole.

We know your big day will be incredibly special and poignant.  Focus on what is really important, and that is marrying your best friend in front of those nearest and dear to you.  Consider using the money you save on your wedding to go towards a fun getaway or a romantic wedding anniversary later in your marriage.

The pandemic may have cancelled or postponed the larger planned weddings, but the petite wedding has our heart all in a flutter.  Be present in the moment and party on as a newly married couple!  Cheers to all those getting married during the Covid-19 pandemic.

~ Love conquers all. ~

   By Alison Russell, Stonegate Manor & Gardens’s Certified Wedding Coordinator