I love to see & hear a great crowd reaction during the ceremony after the officiant announces the newlyweds. It’s a great indication that it will be a good party. Also, if there is a bridal party introduction. If it’s LOUD….another good sign!

I love to see simplistic with maybe a hint of “extra”. It’s cool to go EXTRA on the subtle details but not over the top. The more over the top, usually the more stressed the Bride is which causes everyone else to be stressed. It’s a big day, but it should be FUN and make sure you are not adding too much to your plate.

Love to see a shuttle service! I’m serious, it’s another great indication that it will be a GREAT PARTY, as people let loose a bit more since they are not worried about driving.

Love to see not a HUGE request list. AKA, sending us 4 plus hours of Spotify playlists (haha). We love to customize your day and make it unique for you but at some point you hired us to let us do our job, which is mixing and blending music you know love best while also accommodating your guests. This is YOUR day for sure, but don’t forget about YOUR guests who may not have a CLUE about your specific music. There’s nothing worse than yourself being alone on the dance floor. Enjoy the party and the laughter, and let us create that for you while sprinkling in your favorites as well : )

I love to see our “JellieFish Lighting” (up lighting) at all of our events. It truly levitates the party and enhances your experience. Lighting Matters and every time a couple adds this on, it’s never a disappointment.

BONUS: I love to see a lot of the traditional stuff thrown out the window….NO garter toss, no bouquet toss, that stuff slows down the momentum. Let’s eat, enjoy dessert and PARTY!


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