But what is more elegant than having a beautiful stemmed wine glass at each place setting and serving a special wine at the table with dinner?  One that might not be served at the bar.

I knew you serve red with meat and white with chicken or fish.  But the limits of my knowledge stopped there.  Abruptly.  So, in desperation I turned to my friend Sarah, who works for one of the biggest and most popular wine clubs in the US, First Leaf.  There aren’t many people in the world who know more about wines than Sarah.  Sarah shared with me this graphic.

I could haven’t have said it any better and I thank her for sharing her knowledge.  It’s so nice to have friends who are smarter (and more sophisticated) than you.  I’m always learning.

If you have a special wine you would like to serve your guests, let us know!

The author, Prudy Nelson, is the manager and the resident Fairy Godmother at Stonegate Manor & Gardens.  She might not know a bunch about wine but she knows a lot about weddings!  She can be reached at prudy@stonegatemanorevents.com