Project Description

Nothing says “summer is here” quite like Memorial Day weekend. From parades, to backyard barbeques and spending time with family as we honor those who have served and sacrificed their lives.

But for Kalea Amiss, now Kalea Gilbert 😉, and Rick Gilbert, having their wedding over Memorial Day weekend, meant much more than just a Saturday wedding. You may often see memorial tables for loved ones who have passed and were not able to make the wedding. Kalea and Rick made sure they had a very special spot for their grandpas who have passed away. And what even meant more to them, they were able to honor their grandpas as they all served in the military, a small table was set aside with pictures of their grandfathers, candles and one of their folded flags. Rick also served as a presidential guard from 2010-2012, then was in active duty for the Navy from 2010-2015. A true honor and celebration for all!

Anji Monique Photography

Kalea and Rick said they had looked at a lot of different venues, but when they visit Stonegate they knew this was going to be the place they would get married. From the vintage plates on the wall and the antique furniture throughout the buildings pieces of Stonegate were often things Kalea would search for in antique stores. Even more fitting, Kalea’s grandmother was the reason she had a love for vintage and antique items. In fact, almost all the items used for their centerpieces came from her Grandma Amiss’ house! I must say these teapot centerpieces, were ADORABLE!

Kalea and Rick’s wedding was a beautiful story. From what was supposed to be a rainy cloudy day turned into such a perfect day. Kaela said, “The Fairy Garden is something you see out of a movie”. And I think that is exactly what her wedding looked like. From the dreamy Fairy Garden arch, to the charming teapot centerpieces, a lot like this weekend, this wedding was filled with warmth and love.