Photography by Jaime Rose

The Beginning

Mary Cantor and Jacob Wingate began their journey together at Hope College, about an hour away from Stonegate Manor. Despite being students on campus at the same time, their paths didn’t cross until after graduation when they were both working on staff at Hope. Unfortunately, Jacob was preparing to go to graduate school in Georgia so time was short. Cupid had to work fast!

Instinctively knowing the way to Mary’s heart, Jacob surprised her with ice cream one day and Cupid’s arrow scored a bullseye. Mary took matters into her own hands when the day before Jacob was leaving for Georgia, she “accidentally” locked her keys in her office and “amazingly” when she called Campus Security for help, lo and behold, Jacob was on duty! Wasn’t that a coincidence?!?

The Proposal

The romance blossomed long distance until it came to fruition while living in Arizona. Jacob started planning. Frequent visitors to the Phoenix Zoo, they were thrilled when it reopened after closing temporarily due to the COVID pandemic. After visiting their favorite exhibits, Jacob pulled up the zoo map on his phone and asked Mary where they should go next. Mary looked at the map and saw a picture of the two of them right in the spot they were standing. When she looked back at Jacob he was down on one knee asking her to marry him! See if you can find them on the map!

What was the best thing about your Wedding Day?

Aside from becoming a married couple, the fact it was simple and stress-free was great. Plus, there was something really special about having a super small guest list of just immediate family. It took a lot of the pressure off so they could just relax and enjoy the day.

Photography by Photography by Jaime Rose

“The Dress”

Mary was married in a Lilly Pulitzer dress from Nordstrom’s. It was a Sharice lace dress with a jewel neck and lacy cutouts…just beautiful and fit perfectly!

Anything else you would like to share about your wedding?

Even though just a handful of people were there in person, the number of texts and social media messages made them feel truly surrounded by love and supported by everyone in their lives.

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