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Our couple, Sommer and Krista describe themselves as women from two separate worlds, who met and found timeless love within each other similar to the classic fairytale, The Princess and the Frog.

Four years later on a private boat at Disney World, while watching the “Happily Ever After” fireworks, Krista proposed to Sommer. Thus began their wedding journey.

Disney became a very special place, one they have returned to again and again. They originally planned to have their wedding at the Disney Port New Orleans Riverside resort in Orlando but on a whim, Krista googled “Riverside Room weddings” and voila! Stonegate Manor appeared. They visited and decided to abandon the idea of a Magic Kingdom wedding because they just loved Stonegate! The elegant décor of the Riverside Room allowed them to retain the New Orleans/Cajun ambience of the Disney resort. They decided upon a Roaring 20’s New Orleans Jazz Club feel, along with other Disney elements to include their beloved Disney story about the Princess who falls in love with the Frog.

Just as in the movie, adorable “flower fairies” heralded the Bride’s walk down the aisle. The three wore crowns identical to the one Tiana, the Princess, wore as a young girl. While Krista definitely did NOT resemble the movie’s “Frog“ (perhaps she had already been kissed several times ), Sommer certainly captured the Princess look with her beautifully feminine “ballroom-style” wedding dress and sparkling tiara.

The movie, set in New Orleans, inspired the foods they served: gumbo, hushpuppies, Cajun blackened chicken and more. Even their wedding cake was stylized after the one served in the Disney movie’s wedding! Unfortunately, at the last minute, the very special cake topper they had purchased couldn’t be found. Luckily Jen, Stonegate Manor’s wedding planner, saved the day by using Krista’s crown in its place. Simple touches like these showed much attention to detail but also gave a glimpse back at the magical moments this couple shared at the Disney Parks.

Anji Monique Photography

With any themed wedding, Sommer and Krista advise you to “Do your research, especially if there is a time period you want to stick to”.

Disney themes can at times get out of hand quickly so this couple wanted to make sure there were still New Orleans Jazz elements, classy silvers and golds, with only hints of Disney here and there.

While researching for their big day they found it best to share with each vendor that they are a same-sex couple, even when it didn’t seem necessary. This helped them feel comfortable knowing everyone was aware and that their wedding would be beautiful and run smoothly. This was particularly important as, unfortunately, a few vendors were not comfortable with them as a couple and it was good to know that at the very beginning.

When asked for advice to share with couples planning their wedding, Sommer and Krista said it was always important to read the reviews on all vendors. This helps you learn how planning will go, which vendors are LGBTQ friendly, and overall if you feel comfortable moving forward.